How I Got Yalu Jailbreak Certificate Forever

What’s up guys! Here’s a quick fix for getting Yalu jailbreak certificate forever with Extender: Reloaded Cydia tweak. Here’s all you need to do.

How to Get Yalu Jailbreak Certificate Forever with Extender Reloaded

Step 1 – Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod with Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.

Step 2 – Download Extender Reloaded from Cydia.

Step 3 – Open Extender from the home screen.

Step 4 – Sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 5 – Your jailbreak will now be signed.

Step 6 – Set the Re-sign Applications option to 3 Days Left.

Step 7 – That’s all guys! Enjoy your Yalu jailbreak forever.

Step 8 – For manual signing, simply press the Re-sign button.

Here’s a cool video tutorial for you.

You will not require Cydia Impactor to sign it every time it’s close to expiry. Simply use Extender: Reloaded app and sign it.

This tool is very useful because once Yalu expires, it will not open and you will need to use Cydia Impactor or a computer/PC/Mac.

I suggest you try iRec recording app now too (free irec download for ios)

I’m very excited for iPhone 8! iOS 10 Jailbreak Coming soon too

The wait for the new iPhone 8, as usual, is very high. This year, however, the curiosity is even higher because Apple in the early days of the year, January 9, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and it is reasonable to expect something great for the model. Following the logic of evolution, it should be called iPhone 7S.


But it is being speculated that instead of “8”, Apple can go with “10” or “X” in honor of its tenth anniversary milestone. In any case, there should be three versions of the new product that hit the market this year. Whatever happens, happens but a working jailbreak is what I absolutely need at the moment. I hope Yalu jailbreak works on the iPhone 8. You can activate it with Cydia Extender from Saurik (

One of the most persistent rumors is that they want a change of direction of their flagship device in terms of design, in particular with a borderless screen and removal of the home button. If this happens, their will be a glass plating in the front and to unlock the phone, the entire display front will be made sensitive to the touch.

Apple is more likely is always more likely to adopt OLED technology in place of the aging LCD technology. Higher image definition/resolution is also expected and a considerable energy saving features are in the offing as well. This smartphone will also be thinner than all competitors.

The top model of Apple could be made of steel and not aluminum, and may be characterized by a red casing.

In the wake of AirPods, then, Apple could decide to “cut” the wires also for charging. No more cables and power supply but just a surface charging device where you can place the iPhone 8. This is a new feature already seen on many Android smartphones but it would be revolutionary for Apple.

The bookmakers, finally, are expecting the likely release date to be the classic second week of September or a symbolic day such as June 29, when the first iPhone was released in the US market.

Are you excited for the iPhone 8 too?